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Customer Management System

Managing your unique set of customers can be far from standard. We can match your unique goods and services to match your customers needs.     Of course, it is simple when you developed the original software ... so we can change or process data however the client needs.

Typical Features of CMS Software are:

  • Company based (Unlimited).
  • Multiple contacts for each company (unlimited).
  • Multiple primary’s allowed.
  • Any contact can be excluded from a companywide email.
  • Companies can be organized by Record Managers (Sales People) and Areas.
  • Calendar for scheduling appointments for Sales Person or assigned driver.
  • Task list to manager call schedule.
  • Every call or appointment can be closed with notes and attachments.
  • Extensive note history for each company.
  • Your sales / order system can be connected to CMS.
  • Pickups, Quoting and RMA’s can be schedule including documentation directly from the CMS software.
  • Sales people can initiate email (Outlook Required) from the CMS for Individual Contacts, An entire Company, their entire sales list, or any subset.
  • Extensive permissions are available including user defined groups.
  • Extensive search and filtering capabilities.
  • Imbedded Bing mapping.
  • All map pins show company details on hover including sales data if sales system connected to CMS.
  • Sales person productivity monitoring.
  • Data base can be downloaded to a local SQL express database when sales person is working in a “dead zone”.
  • Background routine can scan your active clients for inactivity based on your criteria and automatically schedule a sales person to call them.
  • Source Code available.

    We can change the programming in any section to better fit your needs.  Give us a call and let us help you solve your Customer Management problems!

We offer custom programming services for solving your business problems. We also have standard business applications that can be modified to fit your particular business needs (source code available).

Internet/Web Camera Systems: We have a unique software application that can take pictures from a Network camera and post them to a website for general public viewing. We can also post to secure sites for limited access. Please see an example of this at the direct link to our wildlife camera below.

.Net/ SQL Server, Data Mining, Data Analysis!

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