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Payroll Application

Payroll is a standard business application, although some companies have unique needs. That is where specialized, customizable software can help your company.   Of course, it is simple when you developed the original software ... so we can change or process data however the client needs.

Typical Features of Payroll Software are:

  • Simple and Easy to use Pull down menus so your employees already know how to do some functions!
  • Process Employees in multiple states!
  • You can have 5 employees to 500, 5,000 or even 50,000.  Dependent on Server Abilities
  • Maintain multiple Paycodes for employees and easily add new codes on the fly during the Payroll Process
  • Straight Forward Payroll Processing - Generate Batch with default Amounts, Edit as necessary, Print Checks
  • Open check format, or we can change the program to fit your existing check stock!
  • Calculates Gross pay with allowances for Pensions, 401Ks, Loans and other deductions
  • Calculates Federal Tax, State Tax, Medicare and FICA deductions
  • Easy Batch Edit and user overrides
  • Easy to define PayCodes for earnings or deductions with check boxes for exemptions from FedTax, FICA, MEDCare etc.
  • Prints reports for various IRS reporting needs, 941, SUTA, FUTA and W-2s
  • Print Checks for Employees in different state in the same Batch
  • Optional Calculation system provide multiple state calculations on the SAME employee check
  • Source Code available.

    We can change the programming in any section to better fit your needs.  Give us a call and let us help you solve your Payroll  problems!

We offer custom programming services for solving your business problems. We also have standard business applications that can be modified to fit your particular business needs (source code available).

Internet/Web Camera Systems: We have a unique software application that can take pictures from a Network camera and post them to a website for general public viewing. We can also post to secure sites for limited access. Please see an example of this at the direct link to our wildlife camera below.


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