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Time & Attendance Application

Time and Attendance tracking is a classic business problem with simple and straight forward solutions.  Of course, it is simple when you developed the original software ... so we can change or process data however the client needs.

Typical Features of T&A systems are:

·        Easy Clock in/Clock Out systems – use a PC, bar code readers

·        High Speed Clock In / Clock Out available – run thru the bar code readers!

·        Handles  5 – 50,000 employees – server dependent

·        Job or Department logging for Hours or Quantities

·        LogIn/Out  Forgiveness within User Specified Time Limits

·        With Pay Rates- Gross Pay calculations

·        User Selected Overtime, Double time for 8/12 hr days or 40 hr weeks

·        Multiple Shift tracking for 8 hr or 12 hr days

·        Messaging system available for one employee, department or all employees

·        Data transfer to almost any Payroll System

·        Can track a number of user defined codes (like Vacation) depending on system configuration

·        Different Levels and views for managers/ Supervisors

·        Full approval screens with automated assistance

·        Many reports and Full Maintenance Screens

·        Source Code available

·        Custom Changes easily available


We can change the programming for any section to better fit your needs.  Give us a call and let us help you solve your T&A problems!

We offer custom programming services for a number of computer hardware platforms and languages. We also have standard business applications that can be modified to fit your particular business needs (source code available).



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